A cheap, clean source of energy would change everything.

Bill Gates, 2016 Annual Letter

We at SunErgy belive strongly that mankind can live on this earth in dignity and also reduce human impact on climate and nature to a sustainable minimum.

We want to improve livelihood by providing communities, businesses and social institutions in emerging markets with off-grid solar power. Energy is a prerequisite for development and through building and operating solar power installations economic and social improvements are being fostered.

We are providing state-of-the-art technology and engineering knowledge together with a practical hands-on-approach to get things done. For more information on our services, please refer to What we do.

SunErgy was originally founded 2010 in Norway, being dedicated to providing communities in emerging markets with off-grid solar power through turnkey small-scale solar power plants, connected directly to customers builldings through own grid. The power plants are owned and operated by its daughter company SunErgy Cameroon Ltd. Bundled with electricity, SunErgy also offers cable TV. SunErgy in Cameroon has not only built and is operating solar power plants but also has experience as an EPC to share its experience and expertise with others.

In May 2012, the company entered into a Protocol  Agreement with the Republic of Cameroon on providing ninety-two villages with some 115.000 families or 600.000 people, plus schools, health centers, private and public enterprises, etc. in the South-West Region of Cameroon with solar power electricity through its subsidiary SunErgy Cameroon Ltd.

In communities where SunErgy is active, it also offers micro financing and entrepreneurship  training through its subsidiary 2 Mites. Both activities support the economic and social development through enabling people to make best use of the electricity.

The vision of SunErgy is to give people an opportunity to escape poverty, experiencing a brighter future. Electricity offers access to the outside world through cable television, internet and mobile phones, offering a host of new business opportunities and the possibility of a better future and brighter life. An opportunity they never had before.

For a list of our successful activities please see the Our Achievments section.

To support further activities  the headquarter of SunErgy moved in 2021 from Norway to Germany where a major investor – KGAL – is located. KGAL has a tremendous experience in funding and in investing in renewable energy, and SunErgy benefits enormously from KGAL’s support. Additionally, SunErgy is further supported by the strong involvement from all shareholders.

In Cameroon offices, workshops and warehouse are located at Magzi Industrial Zone, a government-owned real estate agency.