In Cameroon, currently the main area of activity for SunErgy, we have built eight Solar Power plants delivering electricity to twelve villages on the countryside. Electricity is available there for the first time, allowing not only for light but also improving living conditions overall as well as giving opportunity for new businesses to start and grow. Addititonally we offer cable TV in these villages.


The villages electrified by SunErgy in Cameroon are listed below with the time of start of operations.

Kotto 12015
Bokosso New Town2015
Kombe GareJanuary 2019
Matuke New TownAugust 2019
Matuke New LayoutAugust 2019
Kotto Natigal NorthJanuary 2020
Kotto Natigal SouthJanuary 2020
Kotto Mission NorthMarch 2021
Kotto Mission SouthMarch 2021
Kotto Up NorthJuly 2021
Kotto Up SouthJuly 2021
Steady expansion of business and support for rural areas


Alongside with the establishing of Solar Power Plants and the electrification of small villages SunErgy provided traingings to the interested population with two focus areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship: the goal is to support locals to develop ideas on setting up businesses – may they be small or bigger to make use of the electricity. Increase and diversification of income is an important step for development and reducing poverty.
  2. Solar Technology: teaching electricians to use, maintain and build Solar Power Plants is not only supporting SunErgy to find skilled labour but also to allow the further spreading of Solar Power in Cameroon and other African countries.


SunErgy has build and provisioned two Solar Power Plants in Liberia.

The first solar power station was commissioned in Liberia at Bishop Judith Craig Children Village in Monrovia in November 2017 brining solar power electricity to 100 persons at the village, plus a nearby high school, fully financed and sponsored from Norway.

In July 2019, a solar power station was built and commissioned at the United Methodist University in city of Gbarnga, fully financed and sponsored from the United States. The city of Gbarnga has an estimated 40 000 inhabitants without access to electricity. At the opening of the solar power station SunErgy was invited by the Mayor of Gbarnga and the District Officer (Fylkesmannen) of Bong County, in which Gbarnga is located to start its activities. Furthermore, SunErgy was also invited to start activities in the Nimba County (neighboring county of Bong) with the main city being Ghanta with an estimated 40 000 inhabitants.

The solar power station at the United Methodist University in Gbarnga has been monitored via Internet from Norway/Poland regarding to production and consumption. Similar system will be introduced in all villages, enabling SunErgy to monitor production, consumption and the function of the system at any time.