SunErgy – the power to change lives – operates in several areas all related to energy with a strong focus on solar energy.

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Building Solar Power Plants

SunErgy has a trackrecord of being able to build off-grid solar power plants (see also our information here). These are installations with a power back up through batteries (acid, gel and Li-ion) and Diesel generators for the worst case. We are experienced in the selection of the site, sizing and planning, procurement, building and finally commissioning.


  • Communities
  • Communication towers
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Small, medium and big commercial and industrial installations
  • Government
  • Farms
  • Petrol Stations
  • and many more

Business cases

SunErgy installs solar power plants to operate it ourselves but also very successfully for clients. To customers using solar power does not only secures constant supply of electricity but also tremendous cost savings compared to fossil fuel usage. Not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

For our customers we develop together with the customer the right size and layout of the Solar Power Plant. The right financing could also be part of it – may it be the purchase of the Power Plant after finalization by the customer, may it be a leasing model with a specific duration or just purchasing the electrity hazzelfree from SunErgy.

Operating Solar Power Plants

SunErgy is not only experienced in building Solar Power Plants but has a long trackrecord of maintaining and operating the installations as well. Regular services are being performed, all functions constantly monitored and in the rare case of malfunction repairs or replacements executed by experienced and educated staff.

Operation of the Solar installations could be arranged for Power Plants either owned by SunErgy or owned by the customer. SunErgy is therefore able to provide full service to customers just fitting to their needs.


Entrepreneurship Training

SunErgy is actively participating in Entrepreneurship Taining and Community Cevelopment in communities and villages where SunErgy is active. Getting to know the right skills for founding new businesses and developing these over time is the sound basis for healthy development. This is also done through 2 Mites – a SunErgy Company – in cooperation with local and international partners:

2 Mites is a Cameroonian micro credit company active and focusing on “SunErgy Communities”. As it is part of the SunErgy family close cooperation and synergies are ensured.

Pan African Institute for Development is a non-profit organization (NGO) which has been active in Cameroon since 1960 specializing in community development.

Nordic Entrepreneurship Institute was a non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship training. working together with SunErgy in the past.

SUNami Solar offers a solution that provides off-grid electricity to marginalized areas. The solution facilitates access to renewable energy together with income generating appliances, and thereby contribute to creating new jobs, reduce poverty and increase societal inclusion. SUNami also provides Digital Learing which is greatly used in SunErgy’s trainings.

TechBridge is a reliable partner for our trainings providing technological support and digital learning materials.

Our partner Glava Energy Center is a Swedish institute very profound in structuring and designing trainings to teach participants the relevant topics and transfer the knowledge required.

In addition to practical entrepreneurship training, 2 Mites also offers individual counseling and advice, including networking.

Solar Engineering Training

Besides the Training in Entrepreneurship SunErgy performs Training in Solar Engineering to spread the knowlegde needed to make use existing Solar Power Plants but also to encourage participants to develop their own ideas in Solar Energy.

Maintenance Training

Profound education in the needed qualifications to build and maintain Solar Power Plants is scarce and it give the trainees a very good perspective to work in this growing field of producing environmental friendly energy and covering the growing demand at the same time.


2 Mites is a Cameroonian micro credit company active and focusing on “SunErgy Communities”. It is a SunErgy Group company and was already able to give small loans to entrepreneurs to start their own new business based on the Solar Energy provided by SunErgy.