Successful two-week course PV off-grid installations

Together with our partners Prosumer Solutions, Glava Energy Centre and TechBridge we had a successful training in December 2021. This project was partly funded by NORAD. The students we able to participate in a very intense and profound two-week course on PV off-grid installations:

Module 1: Basics on electrical engineering and electrical grids

Module 2: Renewable energy systems

Module 3: Photovoltaic basics and system components

Module 4: PV system planning and sizing

Module 5: Mounting, installation, operation, maintenance

See also some picture of this great and successful support in education in the area of electrical engineering for PV off-grid solutions.

Solar Electricity to the Bororo People 28.05.2017

On the last visit to Cameroon (May 13-22, 2017) SunErgy entered into an agreement to the tune of an estimated 23 million USD with the Bororo Fulani (tribe). The plan is that SunErgy shall provide 100 Bororo villages or 33 000 families with solar electricity, Cable TV and Internet.

The project is fully financed by the Republic of Cameroon and the Islamic Development Bank. Banja will serve as the pilot and when successfully up and running we will move to the other villages.

The Bororo people, who used to be nomadic herdsmen, occupy many parts of Central and West Africa. Today they mostly live in smaller villages such as Banja, still active in agriculture and cattle rearing.


Microsoft , New Sun Road and SunErgy

Last week we visited the US for a two day meeting with Microsoft and New Sun Road at Microsoft`s office in San Francisco.

The plan is that New Sun Road, located at University of California at Berkley will deliver prepaid electrical meters with Microsoft providing software, including Microsoft Cloud Services.

Our business is truly international, bringing partners and products together on a global scale, enabling the world’s disadvantaged to move towards a brighter and more prosperous future.


Mega with Microsoft and Orange

SunErgy starts a cooperation agreement with two giants in their respective fields, Microsoft and Orange.

“The initial contact and dialogue started in the middle of May”, Dr. Skjorshammer and Mr. Haugen say, who are co-founders and main shareholders of the company.

“We have worked all through the summer and are now ready to start’’ Skjorshammer says, continuing, “We are extremely pleased and honored for having the opportunity to work with Microsoft and Orange beginning in Cameroon. As SunErgy extends and moves into new markets and countries, we will continue developing the cooperation with Microsoft and Orange. Both companies are active in Africa, and Africa as an important new growth market.’’

He also stated, ‘’With Microsoft, we will focus in three areas: connectivity, energy and education. Connectivity will be related to the Microsoft knowledge and expertise on Cable TV and the Internet. The energy part includes taking full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud and the many opportunities it offers for data gathering and management. An additional important feature is that it allows us to access the system from anywhere in the world, Norway included. This provides full insight and complete control of all activities for the management and the owners. The educational part is the introduction and use of various educational programs developed by Microsoft for school children and adults.’’

The cooperation with Orange, the French mobile phone operator with more than one in ten Africans on their customer list, includes Mobile Phone Payments (Orange Money) and their messaging system. This will allow all SunErgy clients to be able to pay their bills, whether electricity, cable TV, Internet and micro loans, using their mobile phones which in turn will provide for maximum transparency and security of money transfers. All this together creates a state of the art record keeping of all money transfers and clients.

The cooperation with Microsoft and Orange, combined with previously established and ongoing cooperation with reputable, global equipment suppliers for solar electricity, cable TV and the Internet, is of uttermost importance. It is absolutely necessary as SunErgy seeks to expand its activities, which make it a leader in the field of off-grid village development in Africa and elsewhere. With more than 800 million in Sub-Saharan Africa alone having no access to electricity, the market seems almost beyond imagination.

Skjorshammer enthusiastically says, ‘‘with the partnerships we have put together, SunErgy will be well prepared and equipped to play a major role in the development of the region and its people.’’

‘’Finally, we interpret this cooperation as stamp of approval of our achievements so far and that we seems to be on the right track. This is most motivating and encouraging,” Haugen and Skjorshammer conclude.